Freelance project: Coffee Maker

I am unable to disclose much about this project. Mainly it is a GUI app written in C++ that is the main gate through which the user interacts with a professional coffee maker.


  1. make the C++ GUI application from scratch, drawing everything from a button to centered text to other images, etc.
  2. compile the C++ app for an inexpensive, small, not too capable, embedded IMX 6ul processor 
  3. compile a Yocto Linux build that includes the dependencies of the C++ app as well as the application itself, and deploy.
  4. have a channel of communication between the c++ gui app and the other hardware pieces in the coffee maker.

Everything hardware related was achieved by my partner.

The UI was comprised of the following: homepage, menu page, adding coffee/tea profiles page (certain periods of time at certain bar pressures), set the time, others.